Film Story

Mustafa lives in an inherited two-room house in a poor, out of the way village in Kars, an area of northeastern Turkey with long, savage winters.  He and his wife, Suna, has a disabled son Rıza, who is unable to walk.  He works as a driver for a public corporation in the nearest town, but has to ride there on horseback everyday because the roads are so bad.
One day, when Suna is carrying Rıza the long distance to school, she Is hit by a minibus driving past at high speed. Both mother and child are taken to hospital, but are lucky to have no serious injuries. During a series of routine tests, however, it turns out that Rıza’s blood doesn’t match that of either parent. Subsequent investigations reveal that Rıza was mixed up with another baby born at the hospital the same day. Suna and Mustafa are now faced with a momentous decision: should they swap their foster son for their birth son?
Genre: Drama
Duration: 95′
Director: Mustafa Karadeniz
Cast: Sezgin Cengiz, Şilan Düzdaban, Mert Aygün
Language: Turkish, subtitled in English

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