Film Story

Kalender is an actor who works in a cast of a relative and who, in the meantime, takes on small roles in tv series and movies. Kalender dreaming of marrying his long-term girlfriend Imge, gets jailed when he takes the financial fall for his relative. A prisoner named Vefa abi, whom he meets in prison, likes Kalender and takes him under his care. Having completed his sentence, Kalender leaves prison and returns to his old life. Vefa’s men help him outside. After a while Vefa also leaves prison. Kalender goes to Vefa and talks to him about his own cast company and his dream of building a movie. Vefa decided to help his beloved Kalender and make him a movie.

Genre: Comedy
Duration: 103′
Director:Kamil ÇETİN
Cast: Şafak SEZER, Hakan URAL, Seda SAYAN, Hamdi ALKAN, Mustafa Mert KOÇ, Mehmet ESEN, Elif EROL
Language: Turkish, subtitled in English

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