Film Story

Mehmet, the Master of Mountains is one of the first Efe’s of the Aegean region during the period of the Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II. The lords and chiefs take advantage of the domestic and foreign disturbances to oppress the people. They take their lands and force them to be their soldiers. Voivodes, in charge of tax collection, keep getting richer by tyrannizing the people. AtcaliKel Mehmet stands against this and becomes the head Efe when Yusuf Efe dies. His fate changes. He starts to save the people from the voivodes’ tyranny and becomes the governor of Aydin City. He sends a sealed letter to the government, along with the taxes he has collected, saying that he is the governor of that province and a servant of the government who just wants to protect the poor people. AtcaliKel Mehmet secures justice by taking from the rich and giving to the poor. But the lords, chiefs and voivodes, whose profits are destroyed, declare him a traitor. Atcali is given the death warrant and he only has two choices. He will either run or die…

Master of Mountains
Genre: Drama, Historical, Action
Duration: 105′
Director: Hakan Şahin
Cast: Gökhan Keser, Cemal Hünal, Ceren Kaplakarslan
Language: Turkish, Subtitled in English

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