A CHASTE LOVE (For Selected Territories Only)

Film Story

In love with Duygu, as well as with his favorite football team, Zafer is one of those grown-up men who never really grow up. One day, he finds himself forced into a marriage by his father, and despite his many funny attempts to get out of the marriage,Zafer’s plans yield no result. Can Zafer understand the meaning of true love before the final whistle blows?
Promising a spectacle full of laughter, ”A Chaste Marriage” deals with love, friendship and family through the entertaining story of Zafer, a man desperately stuck between two affairs. Directed by UmutKırca, the film is set to be among the prominent romantic comedies of the new season.
A Chaste Love   (For Selected Territories)
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Duration: 97′
Director: Umut Kırca
Cast: Emre Karayel, Ceren Moray, Begüm Kütük
Language: Turkish, subtitled in English

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