Film Story

Our protagonist, RENKLI, is a fish is living his routine life in the aquarium with other marine animals. He is very bored with the aquarium life, he wants to get out of there and discover new worlds. The aquarium is quite big compared to others but not good enough for his dreams. RENKLI is the only one in the aquarium who seems not to like it there. Other marine animals seem to have accepted their monotonous lives. For them, the aquarium is an ocean, an eternal life. It would not be easy for RENKLI to get out of the aquarium. First of all, as he is a fish, there is no way he can live outside of the aquarium. Our villain, the one in charge of power inside the aquarium, is the OCTOPUS. The OCTOPUS has other marine animals at his command in charge of collecting baits and allocating the finest of them to the OCTOPUS. He even organizes a bait race in order to increase the power and authority he has over other marine animals. While RENKLI is trying to explore outside of the aquarium, he meets the son of the family, DENIZ. The duo is scared of each other at first but becomes close friends in no time. The OCTOPUS gets upset as RENKLI begins to tell about the outside world to other marine animals. Even so, RENKLI does not give up on his dreams and he ends up discovering new worlds after all, and so do we, along with RENKLI.

Genre: Animation
Duration: 72′
Director: Burhan Gün
Cast: Selay Taşdöğen, Fatih Er, Nihan Omuz, Burçin Artut
Language: Turkish, subtitled in English

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