Film Story

Serdar Yıldırım, who served as the captain in special forces, loses 16 fellow soldiers as a result of a malicious ambush. He was dismissed because of internal traitors, on the grounds that he disobeyed the order after the operation by turning off the radios in order not to get the return order. The President, aware of the games being played on his country, inside and outside, says that it is time to stop these events and that action must be taken as soon as possible. Upon this, the Undersecretary proposes the establishment of a ghost team to fightback these traitors. Undersecretary Alkan Filiz, who received the necessary permission and authorization, makes an offer to Serdar Yıldırım to take up this special team (T.İ.M) consisting of distinguished soldiers and policemen for the undercover assignment. Serdar, who accepts the mission, contends for his brothers in arms who are martyred, their families and their country against the enemies inside and outside with T.İ.M.

Genre: Action, Drama
Duration: 90′
Director: Onur Yiğit
Cast: Serdar Atacan, Emre Uzun, Barış Can Sağır, Ismet Müstecep
Language: Turkish, subtitled in English

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