Film Story

Nefes is a young lady who struggles with a heart disease since her childhood. She is the only child and her family tried everyway possible to get her well. It is clear that if she cannot get a heart transplant, the disease is a deadly one. Thanks to her parents who are very understanding and helpful, Nefes turns out to become a free spirited, life loving by mocking death and life young woman. Although she accepts death is very close, she still believes in miracles and aims to live life to the fullest.
On the other side, Yaman is a young man who attempts suicide because he cannot bear the guilt of being the reason of his parents’ death in a car accident.
Their path crosses in a small town by pure coincidence.
Nefes, despite knowing she is going die soon, is always thankful for her extra days but Yaman is just the opposite. A healthy man who cannot let himself go. A big love emerges under bad circumstances. They find themselves in the arms of a tormented love threatened by Nefes’ disease. Nefes gives Yaman the desire to live again and Yaman tries to save her. We witness another impossible love story of an unlucky woman drawn to a very sad man.
One Breath is Enough
Genre: Drama
Duration: 112
Director: Yasemin Erkul Türkmenli
Cast: Seçkin Özdemir, Tuvana Türkay, Hakkı Ergök
Language: Turkish, subtitled in English

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