Film Story

Neslihan is a devout housewife. Born and bred in Istanbul, she spent most of her married life in Anatolia’s provincial towns due to the nature of her husband’s job.She is a shy, but amiable woman. Her days go by thinking about what to cook for dinner. Her husband and family friends are fond of her cooking skills.When the town is being plagued by a number of mysterious deaths, Neslihan becomes suspect number one. The newly appointed deputy, a young, clever and ambitious man who has had professional training in the States, feels there is a link between the murders and Neslihan, but fails to find evidence.Neslihan keeps cooking the sheriff’s goose by playing the role of a slightly mad woman every time she’s about to be busted.

Genre: Drama, Comedy
Duration: 103′
Director: Ümit Ünal
Cast: Alican Yücesoy, Demet Evgar, Fatih Al, Fırat Altunmeşe
Language: Turkish, subtitled in English

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