Film Story

November 13, 1918… the enemy’s fleet had anchored in the Bosphorus. Istanbul is under military occupation. On the same day, a young Turkish commander gets off the train. He is returning back from the Syrian front. While crossing the Bosphorus in a steam boat he sees the enemy’s fleet. Black clouds were hanging over Istanbul but all he said was “they will leave the way they came…”  He was none other that Mustafa Kemal During the same period, a Lieutenant who deserted the Navy was wandering in the streets of Istanbul.

He was Tahtacızade’s “Yandım Ali (Knockout Ali)”. For 5 years he fought in the front lines and his hope for freedom of his country had turned to ashes as he was fighting for the losing side of the First World War. Returning back all he wanted was to take his love, whom he had left behind, and leave Vienna. But when he comes back he finds her as a married woman. He tries to meet her but always finds himself in trouble – in fights, gambling and women. Knocking out women with his good looks and charisma, knocking out his enemies including the British soldiers with his fists and pistols.
He was trying to find his future until the day his path intersects with that of Mustafa Kemal’s.
Precisely at that moment all his opinion, concept, thoughts, and aims would change…
The last Ottoman “Knockout Ali”
Genre: Historical, Romance, Action / Adventure
Duration: 120’
Director: Mustafa Şevki Doğan
Cast:  Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, Cansu Dere and Engin Şenkan
Language: Turkish, subtitled and dubbed in English

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