Film Story

The lives of Arda, Erdem, and Firat, friends who grew up together are going to turn upside down when finding a baby in front of their doorstep. They are in a great shock. Not knowing what to do, they decide to search for the baby’s family. The three guys who must take care of a baby for the first time in their lives will fall into funny situations. Arda will meet Seren thanks to the baby and they start a lasting relationship between them. Everyone becomes accustomed to the baby and the baby has become an important part of their life. After a while, the baby’s shocking life will be revealed.
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 90′
Director: Cem Sürücü
Cast: Gökhan Keser, Selen Seyven, Yıldırım Ocak
Language: Turkish, subtitled in English

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